Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mudakathan Keerai Soup | Balloon Vine Soup

Balloon Vine or Cardiospermum Halicacabum is called as Mudakathan keerai in Tamil and it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a great medicinal plant. Regular use of this Mudakathan keerai in diet is helpful in treating joint pains and arthritis. It is easily available in local markets. Make sure you buy fresh leaves for maximum benefit. This herb can be easily grown at home with little or no maintenance at all. Few months back, when I was suffering from severe back ache and knee pain, I was suggested to drink this Mudakathan Soup everyday and it really helped relieve the intense pain. Together with some strengthening exercises, I could find a great relief. As with most medicinal plants, this Mudakathan Keerai Soup can be included in Diabetic diet. Check out the recipe for one of the easiest Soups which takes no effort at all in making. Instead of straining the leaves after boiling, I find it better to consume the leaves also. It may be quite strong, but a little adaptation will get you going with the taste of this medicinal Soup.

Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - 10mins
Serves - 2


Mudakathan keerai / Balloob vine leaves - 1cup, washed
Water - 3cups
Freshy ground Jeera Pepper powder - 1-2tsp
Garlic - 1clove(optional), roughly crushed
Asafoetida / Hing - A pinch
Salt - As needed


1.  In a pot, combine the washed Mudakathan keerai (you can include the tender stalks too), water and Jeera Pepper powder and bring to a boil. Add garlic, if you prefer. 

2.  Once it starts boiling, let it simmer for around 7-8mins until the water is reduced to half. The leaves would have cooked by now.

3.   Add the asafoetida / hing and salt now. 

Enjoy this healthy Soup hot!