Saturday, December 10, 2016

Jeera Pulao | Jeera Rice Rice | Under 30mins Recipe

Jeera Rice or Jeera Pulao is a very easy one-pot dish which is a staple at my place. May it be for kids' lunch box or for a weekend meal with delectable side-dish, this Jeera Rice would fit perfectly. Once the rice is boiled, it just takes a couple of minutes to whit it up. Another good thing is that only minimal ingredients are required which would be readily available at any time. Let's get on to the recipe. 

Preparation time - 2mins
Cooking time - 20mins
Serves - 4 


Basmati Rice - 1cup, cooked 
Ghee - 3-4tblsp 
Jeera / Cumin seeds - 1tsp
Jeera Pepper Powder - 2tsp
Curry leaves - A sprig
Asafoetida - 1/2tsp
Salt - As needed

For Garnish:-
Cashews - As needed


1.  Heat 2tsp ghee in a pan and temper it with Jeera and curry leaves. 


2.  Add Jeera-pepper powder, Asafoetida and salt. Mix in the cooked Basmati Rice and remaining ghee and stir well to combine. Garnish with roasted cashews.


Yummy and comforting Jeera Pulao is ready. Enjoy with a rich side-dish!!

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  1. Can smell the flavor of this Jeera rice from here, wat an ultimate dish.

  2. All time popular and favourite rice dish.

  3. I make it similar to this recipe with few green chilies and garlic instead of hing. This is also a recipe to use up leftover rice.

  4. Wow that bowl looks so your presentation!

  5. Such a simple and easy to make rice dish.

  6. Jeera pulao sounds so simple, but your clicks make it so tempting, excellent.