Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dal Rice | Dhal Khicdi Recipe

Today's recipe is a very simple Rice & Dal One-pot meal which is very delicious and can be made in less then 15mins. A Maharashtrian friend on mine used to do this often while she stayed with us and it comes out perfect each time she does. Instead of making the mushy kind of Dal Khichdi, she prepares this Khichdi in which the Rice grains are separate and we all love it this way. I adapted her recipe by adding Paneer to make more nutritious and filling.This Dal Khichdi is similar to the famous Arisi Paruppu Sadham of Coimbatore, main difference being the use of Moong Dal in place in Toor Dal in that recipe. A simple raita would go well with this humble Dal Khichdi. Relish it hot with a dollop of ghee and am sure it would be heavenly!

Blogging Marathon 89- Wk2, Day3
Theme - One-pot meals

Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - 15mins
Serves - 3

Monday, June 11, 2018

Hyderabad Vegetable Dum Biryani | Authentic Dum Biryani Recipe

Biryanis are a set of rice varieties made with Basmati rice and vegetables, flavoured with aromatic spices and nuts and most importantly slow-cooked so that the flavours blend excellently. The Persian word 'Birian' refers to 'Roasted before cooking'. Vegetables are roasted and rice is par-cooked first and then layered and slow-cooked on a Dum. The cooking method of Biryani originated in Persia. All authentic Biryanis are essentially cooked using a special technique called 'Dum Pukht', which is steam-cooking in a sealed Claypot, on a very low fire, thus retaining the maximum nutrition and allowing the flavours to infuse into the Biryani. This Hyderabad Dum Biryani is a Mughlai food and the Mughal cuisine is known for its richness and exotic use of spices, dried fruits and nuts together with lots of milk or cream. They cooked each meal grand and to have a balance, reduced the number of meals in a day. Though the process of Dum cooking may seem to be elaborate and time-consuming, trust me, once you have tried this recipe and tasted the delectable Biryani, you would never cook an authentic Biryani using other Shortcut methods..The Hyderabad Dum Biryani was a superhit with my family and friends and the feedback I got was that it tasted out of the world and way beyond comparison with any other Rice delicacies. Do try and see for yourself!

Blogging Marathon 89- Wk2, Day2
Theme - One-pot meals

Preparation time - 15mins
Cooking time - 1hr
Serves - 6

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice | Thai Vegan Recipes

This week, I would be sharing some of our Favourite One-pot meals Recipes. I love the convenience of One-pot meals, be it on a busy weekday or a lazy weekend. I may not have to spend time for making a side-dish as this itself would be a wholesome meal, which can be had as it is. This Classic Thai Pineapple Fried Rice is truly heavenly and my DH and kids love it like anything. Being in Singapore, they try Chinese and Thai Vegetarian dishes too and this is one of their Fav. Golden grains of rice together with juicy Pineapple bits, crunchy cashews and veggies will make it a real treat to the tastebuds. I just love the way it is presented in Thai Express Restaurant here and so, tried to do it that way. Just carved out the pineapple and used up the Pineapple for preparation and served this Thai Pineapple Fried Rice in the Pineapple itself. 

Blogging Marathon 89- Wk2 Day1
One-pot meals

Preparation time - 10mins
Cooking time - 30mins

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Maida Milk Burfi | Milk Sweet Recipe

Today, I would be sharing another Easy Indian Sweet Recipe which can be made in less than 15mins without much hassle. As this Sweet is made with Milk powder as one of the main ingredients, even if at all the sugar syrup consistency slips a bit or if Ghee is added less too, it still gives a delicious Burfi. That is because of the milk powder which lends its soft texture to this Maida Milk Burfi. Iam not a fan of regular Maida Burfi as I feel, even if its done well, somehow it turns little hard while setting. But, this Burfi recipe is very much forgiving, I would say. Even this time, I had slightly over done which made the top not as soft as it used to be. This is evident from the pics as well. But, nevertheless, it tasted very nice and remained soft too. Come, lets check out the recipe!

Blogging Marathon 89- Wk1 Day3
Theme - Indian Sweets

Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - 15mins

Monday, June 04, 2018

Chocolate Burfi | Milk Chocolate Recipe

These Chocolatey addictive Burfis are one of the best and I follow my Amma's Recipe to make these. Whenever I do, I get immersed in her thoughts and the fond memories of how my classmates used to enjoy these chocolate saying that it tastes like '5 Star' chocolate bar. Even today, I felt the same taste, but only difference being, this one is not so gooey inside like the 5-Star bar. This Burfi can be done in a jiffy, in less than 15mins. No stirring required and in fact, no cooking required once the Sugar Syrup is done. Do try this Easy Chocolate Burfi and surprise your family!

Blogging Marathon 89- Wk1 Day2

Preparation time - 2mins
Cooking time - 10mins

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Carrot Mysorepa | Krishna Sweets Style Carrot Mysorepa | Indian Sweet Recipes

This week's theme is one of my favourites as I always have the flair to make Indian sweets more than anything else..I feel its somewhat less time consuming to make sweets rather than Savories, which takes a longer time, depending on the quantity. But, in case of sweets, even for a larger quantity, we just need about same time. Only tricky part would be Nailing the Sugar syrup consistency perfectly and you are almost there! We always have Satsangs here for which we need to make Sweets and this gave me the opportunity to try out new recipes, and the best part is that my family need not get indulged in them as its distributed among friends. Thats Cool, isn't it! Today's recipe is a variation of my Krishna Sweets Style Mysorepa recipe which comes out perfect each time. Tried adding carrot for the first time, so I had added Besan and Carrot in the ratio 3:1 only, as I feared about the consistency if adding equal quantity. It turned out so soft and terrific as you can see in the pics. Also, please do head to my Krishna Sweets Style Mysorepa recipe for detailed Step-by-step pictures and Recipe Notes and troubleshoot tips!

Blogging Marathon 89- Wk1 Day1 
Theme - Indian Sweets

Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - Arnd 20-25mins

Monday, March 19, 2018

Bread Jamun | Eggless Bread Pudding | Festival Recipes

Bread Jamun is a very simple and quick dessert which can be made with left-over bread. Recently, after having done with my Badusha preparation, I was left with the surplus sugar syrup as I normally prepare more than the required quantity of syrup for hassle-free soaking of the Badushas. I also have a saver-recipe to make best use of this extra syrup, which my amma used to do in minutes for a quick dessert to serve surprise guests. It is a rich, creamy and decadent dessert that is an Indian variation of the traditional English-style bread pudding. Do you have bread, oil, sugar and milk on hand? Then, why not whip up this Bread jamun for a surprise treat?

Blogging Marathon 86- Wk3 Day3
Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - 15mins

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Semiya Payasam | Festival recipes | Vermicelli Kheer recipe | Under 30mins recipe

Semiya Payasam or Vermicelli Kheer is a decadent Indian dessert which is prepared during festivals and special occasions. As it is very easy to prepare and has a fabulous taste and texture, it makes its appearance as often as possible in many Indian homes. Though this Semiya Kheer is DH's all-time favourite, Iam more inclined towards the gorgeous 'Paal Payasam / Rice Kheer'. As that is one of my best treasured recipes and also requires very little effort, I love to prepare for most occasions. However, this was DH's choice for our Wedding Anniversary which we celebrated few days back. It turned out lovely and we relished this Kheer chilled, the next morning too!

Blogging Marathon 86- Wk3 Day2
Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - 20mins
Serves - 4