Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Roasted Veggie & Bean Sandwich Wrap | Healthy Breakfast Recipes

This week, I would be sharing some interesting American Sandwich Recipes. Though Sandwiches with healthy Tikkis like Oats Tikki or simple ones with loads of veggies are a regular in our weekly menu, I have'nt done any American style Sandwiches. So, went through the Wiki list which Valli had given , but I had a tough time choosing vegetarian ones there. Most of the Sandwiches are non-veg or atleast had eggs in them. When I was still thinking over this, Pavani had shared this lovely Sandwich wrap with a fabulous picture for Week 1 and it got me drooling! So, here comes my version of this famous American Roasted Veggie and Bean Wrap! DH said it was one of the best Sandwiches he had tasted and kids too loved it so much. I was happy that it has a very nutritious Wholemeal Wrap with plenty of veggies and protein-rich beans. 

Preparation time - 15mins
Yields - 4 wraps

For the Bean spread:
Kidney beans - 1cup, boiled
Sriracha / Chilli sauce - 1-2tsp
Pepper powder - 1tsp
Salt - to taste

To Assemble the wraps:-
Wholemeal wraps - 4 (I used store-bought ones)
Fresh Asparagus - 12-15, chopped into 2" 
Veggies of your choice - to roast
Olive oil - 1tsp (optional)
Red & Yellow Capsicum - As needed
Butterhead Lettuce - As needed
Alfalfa sprouts - As needed
Onion - 1, cut into thin roundels
Chipotle ot Thousand Island dressing - As needed
Cheese slices / Shredded Mozarella - As needed


1.  Heat oil in a pa and roast Asparagus and other veggies (if using) for about 7-10mins until tender. Set aside.

2.  Meanwhile, prepare the Bean spread by slighly mashing the boiled Beans with the sauce, pepper powder and salt. 

3.  To assemble the Wrap, spread the bean mixture in the centre, top it with roasted Asparagus, lettuce, bell peppers, onion rings and Alfalfa sprouts. Finish it off by a generous spread of Thousand Island / Chipotle dressing.

4.  Fold both the sides as shown below and start to gently roll it into a wrap.

 Enjoy this delicious Veggie Wrap for a hearty meal or mid-day snack.

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