Saturday, September 03, 2016

Carrot Nuts Breakfast Smoothie

After some healthy, herbal and Green Smoothies, Iam coming up with a delicious, kids-friendly Smoothie which my kids really love. I always make sure to include Carrots in their everyday menu in one form or the other. I could see my daughter's eye power is improving considerably with Carrots. This recipe has an aromatic nutty flavour which goes well with Carrot.


Carrot - 1, big, grated
Almond / Badam - 5
Cashewnut - 5
Melon seeds - 1tsp
Poppy seeds - 1tsp
Low-fat milk - 1cup
Honey - 2-3tblsp


1. Dry roast the nuts and seeds until they turn aromatic.

2. Combine grated carrot, milk, honey and the roasted nuts and blend well until smooth.

Enjoy this healthy and yummy Carrot Nuts Smoothie for a filling breakfast. 

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  1. Sound like something I should be drinking for my eyesight. Thanks

  2. That's such a lovely colour and a good thing that you include it in all ways..looking fwd to your kid friendly ones..

  3. I love this idea of veggies in a smoothie with milk rather than with fruits. Great colour there , Suja

  4. This is one delicious and healthy smoothie. Will try this for my daughter..

  5. Love the color of the smoothie! Looks so attractive.

  6. Very catchy and vibrant smoothie, feel like finishing that whole glass.

  7. yum.. love that vibrant color. delicious.

  8. Such a vibrant colored smoothie!!

  9. The look of the smoothie is so soothing to eyes, same must be with the taste...hope my daughter likes it and enjoy its benefits

  10. Lovely smoothie recipe. Such a wonderful color, I am sure would be flavorful too.

  11. very easy smoothie... should definitely try this.

  12. love the color of your juice and nice healthy stuff going in it