Sunday, June 03, 2018

Carrot Mysorepa | Krishna Sweets Style Carrot Mysorepa | Indian Sweet Recipes

This week's theme is one of my favourites as I always have the flair to make Indian sweets more than anything else..I feel its somewhat less time consuming to make sweets rather than Savories, which takes a longer time, depending on the quantity. But, in case of sweets, even for a larger quantity, we just need about same time. Only tricky part would be Nailing the Sugar syrup consistency perfectly and you are almost there! We always have Satsangs here for which we need to make Sweets and this gave me the opportunity to try out new recipes, and the best part is that my family need not get indulged in them as its distributed among friends. Thats Cool, isn't it! Today's recipe is a variation of my Krishna Sweets Style Mysorepa recipe which comes out perfect each time. Tried adding carrot for the first time, so I had added Besan and Carrot in the ratio 3:1 only, as I feared about the consistency if adding equal quantity. It turned out so soft and terrific as you can see in the pics. Also, please do head to my Krishna Sweets Style Mysorepa recipe for detailed Step-by-step pictures and Recipe Notes and troubleshoot tips!

Blogging Marathon 89- Wk1 Day1 
Theme - Indian Sweets

Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - Arnd 20-25mins

Besan / Kadala Maavu - 3/4cup
Carrot paste - 1/4cup (Peel and blend the carrot without water)
Sugar - 1 & 3/4cups
Ghee - 1 & 3/4cups
Khoa - 1tblsp (refer to Krishna Sweets Style Mysorepa recipe for this


1. In a wide, heavy bottomed pan, add 1 teaspoon of ghee and roast the Gram flour on a low flame. DO NOT skip this step as this is important to get rid of the raw smell of Gram flour. But, make sure you fry on a LOW flame so that the flour doesn't become brown in colour. Turn off the flame when it emits a nice aroma. Meanwhile, grease a tray or a plate with ghee and keep aside.

2. Sift the roasted flour in a stainless steel Sieve. This ensures the silky smooth texture we all love. You can use the back of a ladle to break the lumps and sieve it through.

3. By the side, heat the ghee on a low flame. It SHOULD be on heat when we keep adding it to our Mysore pa. You will notice the Mysorepa gradually changes from  each time you add hot ghee. But, don't let it boil and turn smoky, let it sit on very low flame.

4. Now, put sugar in the pan first and slowly pour water over it JUST ENOUGH to soak the sugar. Water should not be less or more.

5. Bring sugar-water mixture to a boil (can use high flame). Keep it going till you get a syrup of ONE THREAD consistency. It takes about 7-9 minutes for this. Again, it depends on the quantity you do.

6. Now, reduce the flame to low and slowly add in the Carrot paste. Stir well and add the roasted Gram flour throughout the pan. Keep stirring. The low flame at this stage helps to avoid lumps even if you don't stir vigorously.

7.  Once all the flour is blended with the sugar syrup, add the khoa to it and stir well.

8.  Now you can increase the flame to medium and start adding hot ghee - 2 tablespoons at a time. Ghee has to be poured evenly on the surface of the flour. It will sizzle and froth up every time you pour the hot ghee.

9.  Within few seconds, the flour mixture would have absorbed the ghee and starts getting thick. Now, add another batch of ghee and continue to stir. Keep repeating the process until the ghee is over. This takes around 5-6 minutes. By now, the mixture would have become thick, with a brownish yellow colour and an amazing aroma. 

10. Now, the mixture will start leaving the bottom and sides of the pan. Stirring becomes effortless as it swirls aroung with ease. The bottom of the pan becomes clearly visible.

11. Turn off the flame and transfer the mixture to the greased tray.  Gently pat the tray so that it spreads evenly.Let it sit for 15 minutes. Remember Mysorepa hardens and sets well after you pour down.

12. Once it sets, cut into pieces. As it is laden with generous amount of ghee, it would be difficult to take the entire big piece out. So, I suggest you cut out a tiny piece first from a corner which will give some space so that you can slightly move and start taking out the pieces one by one.

Delicious, silky smooth Krishna Sweets Style Carrot Mysorepa is ready! 

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  1. I agree that sweets are easier than savouries as far as you are confident with sugar syrup consistencies. I haven't tasted carrot mysorepak, but they look divine. You have nailed it Suja.

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  3. The Sri Krishna MysorePa is surely a rage and by adding carrot you have surely made a wonderful variation. Nice to know that making sweets is easy for you..not many would want to try their hands making this sweet. Good one!

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    Kudos on. making it perfectly !

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