Monday, June 04, 2018

Chocolate Burfi | Milk Chocolate Recipe

These Chocolatey addictive Burfis are one of the best and I follow my Amma's Recipe to make these. Whenever I do, I get immersed in her thoughts and the fond memories of how my classmates used to enjoy these chocolate saying that it tastes like '5 Star' chocolate bar. Even today, I felt the same taste, but only difference being, this one is not so gooey inside like the 5-Star bar. This Burfi can be done in a jiffy, in less than 15mins. No stirring required and in fact, no cooking required once the Sugar Syrup is done. Do try this Easy Chocolate Burfi and surprise your family!

Blogging Marathon 89- Wk1 Day2

Preparation time - 2mins
Cooking time - 10mins


Milk powder - 1cup
Unsweetened Cocoa powder - 2.5tblsp
Sugar - 3/4cup
Butter - 2tblsp
Chopped nuts - To Garnish


1. Grease a tray with butter and keep it aside.

2. Sieve the milk powder and cocoa powder together so that they are mixed evenly.

3. Take sugar in a heavy-bottomed pan and add water just enough to immerse the sugar. Let it boil to form a sugar syrup of ‘One-string’ consistency. Switch off the stove. Check my Krishna Sweets Style Mysorepa recipe for detailed stepwise pics for sugar syrup consistency.

4. Add in the butter and stir well for a few secs. 

5. Stir in the Milk-Cocoa powder mixture and stir well for a minute until it forms a thick mixture.

6.  Transfer to the greased tray and spread evenly. You may find little difficult to spread sometimes. In that case, pat it with the back of a spoon coated with little butter. It gets done easily. Now, sprinkle the nuts on top and gently press them to coat well.

7. Let it cool down. Give about an hour's time to get set. Then, cut into pieces and Enjoy! 

Important to Note:-

Cocoa powder turns bitter if cooked on heat. Hence, make sure to switch off the heat once sugar syrup is done and then mix in the milk-cocoa powder.

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  1. Guess this barfi is part of the 90's time when cocoa powder was becoming popular along with condensed milk right, even we have done it during my collage days and it is so addictive. I must check if I have this one on the blog. With so many recipes coming from different sources, guess we tend to forgot our initial ones right! Those burfis look amazing Sujatha.

  2. 5-star bar brings back memories. I have not had one in a long time. It is nice to have so many memories associated with a recipe. Makes it sweeter.

  3. Am just drooling here, how cute and ultimate those burfi slices looks. Oh god they are super tempting.

  4. Agree with Valli,these were so popular in 90s.Still I remember the first time had this one.BTW those burfi looks so tempting and delicious

  5. Those chocolate bars look so tempting and a great choice for your burfi series this week.

  6. OMG! Suja, these burfis look amazing and the procedure sounds easy too. I am book marking this to try later..

  7. Absolutely stunning ! Suja you are rocking with these sweets . Chocolate Barfi sounds doable and I am sure it is delicious and easy one . Must try this soon .

  8. Super tempting. My mom makes these burfis even today.

  9. One of my favorites of my childhood. I use to love this so much. Barfi looks delicious and I want it now.

  10. What a beautiful color of the burfi and I can't wait to make it for my husband. He always buys some chocolate burfi when we are in India to bring back here.

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