Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Maida Milk Burfi | Milk Sweet Recipe

Today, I would be sharing another Easy Indian Sweet Recipe which can be made in less than 15mins without much hassle. As this Sweet is made with Milk powder as one of the main ingredients, even if at all the sugar syrup consistency slips a bit or if Ghee is added less too, it still gives a delicious Burfi. That is because of the milk powder which lends its soft texture to this Maida Milk Burfi. Iam not a fan of regular Maida Burfi as I feel, even if its done well, somehow it turns little hard while setting. But, this Burfi recipe is very much forgiving, I would say. Even this time, I had slightly over done which made the top not as soft as it used to be. This is evident from the pics as well. But, nevertheless, it tasted very nice and remained soft too. Come, lets check out the recipe!

Blogging Marathon 89- Wk1 Day3
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Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - 15mins

Maida - 1cup
Milk powder - 1cup
Sugar - 3cups
Ghee - 2cups (Can reduce if you are weight-conscious or add more upto 3cups if you want super-soft Burfis)
Cashews - For garnish, roasted in a tsp of ghee


1. Grease a tray with ghee and keep it aside.

2. Sieve the milk powder and maida together so that they are mixed evenly.

3. In a heavy-bottomed pan, add around 1/2cup ghee and roast the maida-milk powder mixture on a medium flame until a nice aroma comes. The mixture would have turned to light Beige in colour. DO NOT roast on a high flame. Keep it low to medium ONLY. Take it off the pan.

3. In the same pan, put the sugar and add water just enough to immerse the sugar. Let it boil to form a sugar syrup, which is just before the ‘One-string’ consistency. Check my Krishna Sweets Style Mysorepa recipe for detailed stepwise pics for sugar syrup consistency.

4. Now, add in the roasted Maida-milk powder mixture and stir well. 

5. Add the ghee in 3-4 batches, say 1/4cup at a time. Keep stirring until it absorbs the ghee. then add the next batch of ghee. Now, the mixture will start leaving the bottom and sides of the pan. The bottom of the pan becomes clearly visible.All this would get done within 7-8mins. 

6. Check for correct consistency of the Burfi by taking a dollop of the mixture and roll between your fingers. It should be soft yet not sticky. This is the right time('Padham' in tamil) to take off the flame and pour it on the greased tray.

7. Place the roasted cashews in rows as you would cut the Burfis. I would like this Diamond shape, hence placed accordingly. Do this immediately after you pour the mixture into the tray. Let it set for sometime before you cut them into pieces and Relish!!

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