Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bread Paneer Roll | Kids Lunch box Recipe | Under 30mins recipe

Bread Paneer Roll is one of the simplest yet tastiest snack which makes for a healthy lunch box recipe for the kids. With almost no-oil at all, it is one of my favourites as well. And the paneer is a good protein and calcium fix which also keeps them satiated through the day. I bumped into this recipe when browsing around my best buddy Jeyashri's blog and was really impressed at the simplicity of the recipe. My kids as well as DH loved it so much and it became a regular lunch box item. Those following my space, by now know that Iam not for processed and refined food. So, I prepare this roll mostly with Wholemeal or Multi-grain bread only. Trust me, that tastes yummier than its white counterpart. I had some paneer left after I made this Paneer butter Masala a week ago and there came this Kids' Delight - Lunch box series at Srivalli's space. So,my first entry for this week is this yummy Bread Paneer Roll!

Preparation time - 15mins
Cooking time - 5-10mins
Serves - 4

Bread slices (White/Wholemeal/Mutli-grain) - 10 
Paneer - 200gm
Onion - 1,finely chopped
Chilli powder - 1tsp
Jeera Pepper powder - 1tsp
Sandwich Masala - 1tsp (can replace with chat masala)
Coriander leaves - a handful, finely chopped
Salt - As needed
Tomato ketchup - 1tblsp 
Butter /Oil - 1-2tsp


1.  Scramble the paneer in a bowl. Add chilli powder, jeera-pepper powder,sandwich masala, salt and finely chopped onion and coriander leaves and mix well.


2.  Mix the tomato ketchup at last and let the paneer mixture rest for sometime while we prepare the bread.

3.  Trim off the crusts from the bread slices. But, this step is optional. While doing with wholemeal bread, I leave the crusts on and it tasted good too.


4.  Using a rolling pin,roll out each slice as thin as you can. Remember to flip in between to avoid bread being stuck to the counter.


5.  Place about 2tblsp of Paneer filling on one end and gently roll it out. Make sure the filling does'nt pop out from the sides. You may use water to seal the edge after the final fold.


6.  Repeat the process with remaining bread slices and let it rest, folded end facing down.

7.  Brush a small amount of butter or oil. Heat a tawa and roast the rolls on a medium flame. When it turns golden brown, flip and roast the other side.



Serve hot with Green chutney or ketchup for a relishing evening snack or pack it for a healthy lunch box for kids!

This goes as my entry for Srivalli's Blogging Marathon and Kid's Delight hosted by Jayanthi.


  1. looks yum! nice snack or lunch box for the kids

  2. I always love this when I make it for my kids..very nice paneer rolls...

    1. True, along with my kids, we too pack it for mid-day snack.

  3. Excellent rolls, even i can munch some anytime..

  4. Yumm, paneer bread rolls -- will try it for my son one day.

    1. Yes Pavani, do try and he'll love it for sure.

  5. Nice paneer bread rolls and healthier to as it is not deep fried.

  6. Delicious and filling snack for lunch box. Perfectly made. Would love to try this dish very soon.

  7. Such a lovely snack for kids and also for me :) Lovely recipe!

  8. I also planned to make them for evening snacks..looks so yummy!

  9. Sound yummy. I make them usually with a potato filling as my kids' are not fans of paneer.

  10. Super duper snack. Love the no fry option.