Friday, December 12, 2014

Walnut Basil Pesto Pasta

This Basil Pesto Pasta recipe is the adapted version of the authentic Italian Pesto, to make  it more healthy and kids-friendly. Since kids prefer a milder flavour, I had reduced the quantity of Basil, but added on a good amount of Walnuts and cheese. Hence, the colour turned out to be a lighter green as compared with bright conventional Pesto. Also, I completely omitted Olive oil while blending the Pesto. So, this recipe is absolutely healthy and kids-friendly.

Blogging Marathon - Wk2, Day3
Theme - Pizzas and Pastas

Pasta - 1&1/2 cups, any type
Fresh Basil - 1cup,packed
Walnuts - 2-3tblsp
Green chilli - 1-2
Garlic - 1 pod, optional 
Cheese - 3tblsp 
Olive oil - 1tblsp
Cherry Tomato - few
Salt - As needed

Method :-

1.  Cook pasta according to package instructions. Drain and set it aside. Retain some of the water which you may add to the pasta later.

2.  In a blender, pulse Basil (reserve few Basil leaves for garnish), walnuts, cheese, chilli, garlic (if using) and salt into a fine paste by adding just enough water.

3.  Heat oil in a pan, throw in the Basil leaves and tomatoes and saute for a minute until tomato turns slightly mushy. 

4.  Add the cooked Pasta and prepared Basil Pesto and toss to coat well. You may wish to add some Pasta water to adjust the consistency.

5.  Check salt and switch off the flame in about a minute. 

Basil Pesto Pasta is done in less than 15mins. Top it with some grated cheese or plate it and serve as such. It is really a comfort food with great flavour!

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  1. Fantastic nutty and flavourful pesto pasta, love to finish that plate.

  2. I love pesto that gives that warm colour to the dish..good one..

  3. Love the use of walnuts in Pesto.. Looks delicious.