Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quinoa Pizza Bites | Healthy Appetizer Recipe

You love Pizzas and at the same time want to keep it healthy - then these Quinoa Pizza Bites will be a good choice. I came across these here and I knew this would be perfect for my calorie- conscious DH who loves to try innovative recipes. It has Pizza flavors and cheese and filled with the goodness of Quinoa and Red beans. A very filling Appetizer which is crunchy on the outside and cheesy inside.

Blogging Marathon - Wk2, Day2
Theme - Pizzas and Pastas

Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - 20-30mins
Baking time - 30-40mins
Yields - 20 Pizza bites

Ingredients :
Quinoa - 1cup
Red beans / Rajma - 1cup, soaked overnight
Homemade Pizza sauce - 1-2tblsp
Italian seasoning - 2tsp
Salt - As needed
Bread crumbs - 1/2cup ( adjust according to consistency)
Mozerella cheese - 50gm, cubed

Method :

1.  Cook quinoa with water for about 15mins until it blooms and gets cooked. Strain to remove water content.

2.  Meanwhile, pressure cook the Kidney bean with little salt for about 10 whistles until soft. Drain and keep aside.

3.  Pre-heat over to 180C. In a blender, mash cooked beans and transfer to a bowl.

4.  Mix cooked Quinoa, Pizza sause, Seasoning and salt. Add enough breadcrumbs to bring it to a nice rolling consistency.

5.  Take about 2tblsp of mixture and roll into a ball. Place 1cm cheese cube inside and cover it. Repeat the process for the remaining mixture.

6.  Place the balls in a tray lined with parchment paper. Bake at 180C for about 30- 40mins until Quinoa Bites are browned well. At about 15mins, flip the balls to ensure even baking.

Serve these healthy Quinoa Pizza Bites as an appetizer alongside a dip or make delicious Sandwich or Chapathi Rolls with these as the Patty.

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  1. Hard to resist to this highly inviting pizza bites, love this quinoa version to the core.

  2. Very different!...must say I would never have thought these to be pizza sorts..

  3. Wow, that is one innovative and delicious looking quinoa pizza bites.

  4. very the same time very delicious...great combo....