Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Banana Oats Chia Seed Milkshake | Banana Oats Smoothie

My theme for this week's Blogging Marathon is Desserts. Valli had given the Wiki list of desserts from which we were supposed to choose 3 different category for the 3 days. My health(calorie)-conscious DH was very grumpy as I had been doing a lot of sweets/ desserts these days just because I needed to blog. I too had very little time to devote. So, I zeroed down on healthy and quick recipes under different Dessert categories.To start with, I chose a healthy milkshake sans Ice-cream topping which serves as an excellent Breakfast Smoothie also. Packed with wholesome goodness of Banana and Chia seeds, it is extremely nourishing and filling on its own and a best option for a healthy breakfast.

Preparation time - 10mins
Serves - 2


Quick cooking / Rolled Oats - 1/2cup
Banana - 2
Chia seeds - 2-3tblsp
Milk - 1cup
Sugar / Honey - As needed (I used 1tblsp honey)
Vanilla Ice-cream - 1 scoop (optional)


1.  Soak Chia seeds in water for about 5mins. It quickly absorbs the water and blooms into a jelly-like substance.

2.  In a blender or food processor, pulse oats first.

3.  Add the milk, banana, honey/sugar and soaked Chia seeds and blend well until smooth. If adding ice-cream, add half of it while blending and use the remaining as a topping.

Enjoy this creamy smooth milkshake as a delicious and yummy way to kickstart your day!!

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  1. Fantabulous shake, cant take my eyes from ur beautiful clicks..

  2. You are right. This shake would make an yummy and healthy dessert.

  3. I should lay my hands on Chia seeds. Otherwise I make this milkshake pretty often and I love it.

  4. Looks and sounds so delicious..glad to have a healthy drink!

  5. What a healthy and nutritious smoothie.