Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thai Cucumber Salad | Quick Salad Recipes

This week, for Blogging Marathon, my theme is 'Restaurant Accompaniments' which are supposed to be the dishes which are served as complimentary ones at Restaurants while we wait for our ordered dishes to be served. But, most often than not, there is no such Complimentary stuff and whatever we order, we are being charged. However, as a rare occurrence, this Thai Cucumber Salad was served to us at a Vegan Thai Restaurant here in SG. It is a refreshing Salad with cool and crunchy Cucumber and aromatic Coriander leaves tossed in a tangy dressing and served the purpose of a great Appetizer. From then, this Salad became a part of our regular menu. Though the salad was a bit fiery due to Thai Chilli, my kids loved the crunchy peanut bits and the overall flavour of the Salad. When making at home, I minimize chilli and also, as we don't like raw garlic flavour, I usually omit that. This salad can be packed for kids as well as adults for a nourishing mid-day snack. It stays so well. Off to the recipe now. 

Preparation time - 5mins
Serves - 2

Cucumber - 1, julienned 
Tomato - 1, deseeded and julienned
Roasted peanuts - 3tblsp, coarsely crushed

For the dressing:
Thai Green chilli  - 1, chopped finely
Garlic pod - 1, chopped finely (optional)
Lemon juice - 1tblsp 
Soya sauce - 1tsp
Salt - As needed 

For garnish:
Coriander leaves - A sprig 


On a wide bowl, take all the ingredients for the dressing and mix well. Add in the cucumber and tomato strips and crushed peanuts and toss to combine. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and some peanut bits. 

Serve fresh or chilled. 

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