Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fruity Ice Lollies | Homemade Ice Lolly Recipe

Summer is round the corner and I was waiting to try this special Homemade Fruity Ice Lolly which I had bookmarked from a Cookbook. The picture was so lovely and attracted me instsntly. When I flipped to the recipe, it was even more interesting as it used fresh fruit purees to make this delicious Ice Lollies which would definitely delight my DH and kids. All of us love fruits and I should give a thumbs to DH and kids who enjoy trying different seasonal fruits. So, as expected, it was not surprising that they loved these Ice Lollies so much and relished all the fruity flavours in it. It is just as cool as putting the ingredients together, but the setting time for each layer is about 2hrs. Only this is little difficult if doing 2-3 layers with different fruits. But, for those doing during daytime, that should'nt be a task. As I did at night after work, I set alarm once in 2hrs at night and woke up to fill the second and third layer and left it to set thoroughly. But, since Iam doing the theme of Colourful dishes under Kids' Delight hosted by Varada for Blogging Marathon this week, I did'nt want to compromise on that. But, every bit of effort was worth it and it turned out fabulous. Perfect for small kids party too!

Preparation time - 10mins
Setting time - 6hrs
Yields - 4 lollies

Ingredients :

Strawberry - 1cup
Orange - 1, peeled
Kiwi - 1, peeled
Sugar / Honey - 4tblsp (adjust to taste and sweetness of the fruits)


 Puree the strawberry and 1 tblsp sugar without adding water. Similarly, puree orange and kiwi separately with required sugar without adding water. Keep refrigerated until you use for the next layers. While making Orange juice, pass the blended pulp through a fine mesh and extract the juice. Discard the pulp.

Pour the Strawberry puree into the ice lolly moulds until each mould is one-third full. Freeze until firm ,about 2hrs. 

Once the first layer is set, fill the Orange juice until two-third full. Freeze until firm, for another 2hrs.

Finally, fill the moulds with Kiwi puree and refrigerate for 2 more hours until completely set.

To remove the Fruit lollies, just immerse the moulds in a bowl of water for a couple of mins, gently pull out and Voila! There you are with healthy, homemade Fruit lollies to enjoy this summer.

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  1. Very colourful indeed..though the process is tedious, end result is worth it..

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