Monday, February 19, 2018

Cheese Capsicum Rings | Keto Cheese Rings

This Cheese Capsicum Rings have become my go-to snack after coming back hungry from office these days. Iam on this Ketogenic Diet and was looking for interesting recipes to finish my daily macros, especially with Cheese and found that this Cheese Capsicum Ring is doing the rounds all over the Forums. You can twist the recipe according to your liking by adding Paneer Stuffing and use a variety of spices. But, I have given the basic Cheese Ring Recipe with minimal ingredients which can be put together in a jiffy. Try and you would love this!

Blogging Marathon 85- Wk3 Day3

Preparation time - 5mins
Cooking time - 5-7mins
Capsicum, Any coloured - 2, cut into 3/4cm thick roundels
Mozzarella Cheese - As required
Salt - Not required as Cheese contains salt
Chilli flakes - 2tsp
Paneer, scrambled - 1cup(optional)(I didnt add)
Butter / Ghee - 1-2tsp


1.  Heat an Iron Tawa and smear the butter/ghee around.

2.  Place the Capsicum rings and generously fill the cavity with Cheese an chilli flakes. 

3.  Cook covered for 5-7mins until the Cheese melts completely. Capsicum would have been mildly cooked and have a crush. I love it this way.

Relish this Quick Capsicum rings for a filling Snack option which is completely nutritious!



  1. Those cheese rings sound fantastic!..I won't mind making it for myself..very nice recipe

  2. Super idea. I would like to have them with cottage cheese,but kids would definitely love them with processed cheese.

  3. I'm not on a keto diet but would really wouldn't mind having these delicious rings..after all anything with cheese is delicious.

  4. Good one. Very interesting way of using cheese!

  5. I made something similar with jalapeno peppers and cream cheese. This is protein rich, filling and delicious

  6. I have seen this recipe many times but have never made it. Looks wonderful and love the recipe.

  7. Omg those cheesy capsicum rings are so tempting.

  8. oh that looks totally yumm!!! a plus about keto is the amazingly delicious food u can enjoy, that too if u eat non-veg then there is a huge variety!
    Best wishes for you on ur diet!!

  9. Looks delicious and a boon for Keto dieters. Thanks for linking it to Cooking on Tawa.

  10. Cheese capsicum rings looking mouthwatering. This is really a great diet food must say. but taste yummy

  11. these look amazing - perfect to serve at parties