Sunday, February 18, 2018

Pizza Dosa | Easy Dosa Recipe

When I thought about Tawa recipes, this Pizza Dosa was the first one to come to my mind. Though I do this often for my kids, I have'nt yet posted on the blog. It is one such easy and absolutely delicious Dosa which can be relished by all. During evenings, my little girl herself does this Pizza Dosa with variations according to her liking for a filling meal. You can use any spicy chutney or spread or just Idli Podi as the spread and also use whatever veggies available at home according to your liking. Only thing which one should note is that this Pizza Dosa should be spread thinly and must be cooked covered. This Dosa should not be flipped like the regular Dosa as the Cheese sticks to the skillet and messes up. Try this one and you will sure go for it often!

BM #85 Wk 3 - Day 2
Tawa Recipes

Cooking time - 3mins per Dosa
Yields - 4 Pizza Dosa

Dosa Batter,homemade - 1cup
Red,Green & Yellow Capsicum - 1cup- mixed,chopped finely
Pizza Sauce or Any Spicy Chutney - 4tblsp
Mozzarella Cheese - 1cup
Oil - As needed to drizzle
Chilli flakes -As needed
Seasonings - As needed


1.  Heat an iron Skillet or Tawa. Pour a ladleful of Dosa batter and spread into a Dosa. It should be even and thin. Spread the Pizza sauce throughout.

2.  Use you favourite veggies as topping and add Cheese on top of the veggies. You could sprinkle some Italian seasoning and chilli flakes as well. I had skipped as my daughter preferred it non-spicy.

3.  Cover with the lid and cook on medium flame until the Dosa is cooked well and cheese has melted nicely.

Serve while it is hot! Enjoy the most easiest Pizza at home.


  1. Yes this is my favorite fusion dish too..nicely done!

  2. Pizza dosa reminds me a tamil movie:).. Easy pizza with our humble dosa batter, lovely dish.

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  4. Interesting fusion of pizza and our humble dosa!

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  6. How beautiful and a great way to dress up the humble dosas.

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  9. OMG yes please - you are making me so hungry with this one!

  10. Oh yumm! those beautiful colors makes it all the more irresistible! this is our favorite recipe at home!

  11. Like Mayuri sayas I dont mind this dosa everyday. Love it. Thanks for linking it to Cooking on Tawa.

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