Thursday, December 25, 2014

5-min Microwave Cornflour Halwa | Karachi Halwa Recipe

When I was thinking of some quick dessert recipes for this week, I came across this Microwave Cornflour Halwa or Karachi Halwa recipe here and decided that this would be a perfect fit as my DH is a die-hard fan of Halwas and I was looking for something quick. Iam surprised that the recipe used very little ghee unlike traditional Halwas and was excited to see the outcome of the microwave version. Undoubtedly, it came our just perrrrfect and did I say my DH was on cloud nine after tasting this Halwa. I added a lot of chopped nuts to give that crunch and kids too loved it so much. Off to the recipe!

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Preparation time - 2mins
Cooking time - 5mins
Yields - 20pcs


Cornflour - 1/2cup
Sugar - 1&1/2cups
Water - 2cups 
(Remember, whichever cup you use,the ratio of cornflour:sugar:water is 1:3:4)
Orange food colour - a pinch
Elaichi/ Cardamom powder - 1/2tsp
Chopped nuts - 3-4tblsp (I have used Almonds and cashews)
Ghee - 1-2tsp


1.  Take cornflour, sugar and water in a microwave-safe glass bowl and whisk well to combine without any lumps. Add food colouring too.


2.  Microwave for 2mins on High and take out. You would find the mixture a bit wobbly. Whisk well again.

3.  Add a tsp of ghee and Microwave for another 2mins on high. Now, the mixture would start getting thicker and the rawness in the flour disappears. Whisk thoroughly.

4.  Add another tsp of ghee and Microwave on high for another 1min or so until the mixture leaves the sides of the bowl and looks gorgeously glossy. 

5.  You can drop a dollop of the mixture and test. It would be non-sticky and of soft roll-able consistency. Meanwhile roast the nuts and add it to the Halwa and mix well.

6.  Transfer to a greased plate and let it cool for 15mins. Then, cut into desired shapes and serve.

My Notes:-

1. DO NOT overcook the mixture after it turns glossy and leaves the sides of the bowl. This hardens the Halwa. So, watch out.

2. DO NOT reduce the sugar as the 1:3 flour-sugar ratio is important for the glossy look of the Halwa.

3. The total cooking time took 5mins in my Microwave. It may take 1-2mins more or less depending on the different brands of Microwave. 

4. This Halwa keeps good for 2 days under room temperature. But, Iam sure you may not require to keep more than that as it quickly gets disappeared:)

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  1. My kids call it the glass halwa!! Such an easy recipe and a colorful treat

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  7. Came out well! Thank u