Friday, January 26, 2018

Whey Almond Chocolate Eclairs | Keto Dessert

Whether on diet or not, who doesn't crave desserts? Iam very fond of sweets and after embarking on Keto diet, I could find that the intense craving for sweets had gone. I feel, its one of the best thing about this particular diet. Science behind this is, Carbs aggrevate your Carb cravings, the reason behind one could not stop with just a few chips or French fries. You will in turn eat more and more. That is not your problem, its the action of Carbs. Instead, when you are on an Off-carb diet, consisting of adequate amounts of Protein and healthy Fats, you don't give in to temptations at all. And, Iam the best example to prove this Science! 

In spite of that, very rarely, I do feel like eating something sweet. I came across this recipe and tried out one weekday night. Just whip up a few ingredients, and you are done. Cool, isn't it?

PS: Though its absolutely safe, Whey protein is a dietary supplement and is not advisable for kids below 16years. So, this recipe is not for kids. 

Wk 4 - BM #84 Day 3
New Year Challenge

Preparation time - 10mins
Yields - 5 Chocolate Eclairs

Whey Protein - 1scoop (25gms)(I used Vanilla)
Paneer - 30gm, crumbled
Cocoa powder - 1tblsp
Butter - 1tsp, at room temperature
Almond meal - 2tblsp
Roasted Almonds - 5, to stuff


1.  In a blender, first blend the Paneer so that it is crumbled well. Combine all the other ingredients except almonds and run for about 30secs. Initially, it looks like a powder. But, in few secs, the fat in Paneer and almond meal will ooze out and blends the mixture well.

2.  Divide the mixture into 5 parts, roll into a ball and flatten it. Stuff a Roasted almond and shape it like a shell.

Delicious Chocolatey Whey Almond Eclairs is done in a jiffy. It is mildly sweet and has a chewy texture, which is due to the Whey protein powder. I don't add any other sweetener in this recipe as I feel, Whey protein itself is sweet enough.

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  1. I have seen a few recipes where whey protein is used in cakes and cookies but no one mentioned that is not recommended for kids under 16 years. This is good one to keep in mind. Thanks for the note. These chocolate bites are definitely very healthy.

  2. wow looks delicious and since it is as per diet parameters I won't mind having few altogether. Ingredients list very very healthy

  3. Thats a brilliant idea to make a diet friendly eclairs, simply fabulous. Thanks for sharing this beautiful dessert.

  4. What a healthy and delicious snack that is. Looks awesome.

  5. So pretty this dessert looks! True that sometimes the sweet craving does hit...

  6. That is great dessert and I also see it as an after work-out snack/treat. I am trying to get more protein in my food and this sounds really doable.

  7. Hmm, skipped the note about whey protein and was curious if it is store bought. Went back to see if I skipped something and I did. I didn't know something called whey protein is available in the market. Anyway, whey almond eclairs are inviting. A great one for people following a diet.

  8. Those eclairs are looking sinful Sujatha..good use of whey protein..Good that you really came up with fantastic choice!

  9. I am in love with this healthy and nutritious snack. lovely idea.