Thursday, January 25, 2018

Keto / Paleo Pizza | Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Today's recipe is one of the amazing recipes which I bumped into, after embarking on this Keto journey in 2017. It all started with me reading about Paleo Diet on Gayathri's blog, which claimed to be one of best Diet plans to lose weight, especially within short period of time.Her write-up was just enough to trigger a spark in me and spent the whole year reading and exploring a lot about Nutrition and Low Carb diets and how they work. I should say, I was on a roll and nothing could stop me. Oh man, it worked like a miracle. I could discover a NEW ME which I had not even dreamt in life. Losing oodles of kgs and more than that,so many inches, on a sustainable Diet plan was fantastic. Would share more about my Keto journey in coming days, maybe as a separate series.. 

Coming back to the recipe, it is one recipe which I never expected to turn out so well. Many recipes shared for Keto or Paleo diet are based on Cauliflower. It is swapped mainly with Potato to make a Low-Carb food which originally is high in Carbs. Cauliflower Rice is doing the rounds in the Diet world. In the same way, this Cauliflower Crust Pizza turns out really so well and definitely a perfect replacement to regular Pizza. Best thing is my kids loved it so much and I have done this Keto Pizza a few times already. Come, let enjoy a guilt-free Pizza.

Wk 4 - BM #84 Day 2
New Year Challenge

Preparation time - 5mins
Baking time - 15-20mins
Serves - 4

Cauliflower - 1 Medium Head
Mozzarella Cheese - 1/4cup for Crust + 1/4cup for topping
Isabgol / Psyllium husk - 1/4cup
Homemade Pizza Sauce - 2-3tblsp
Italian Seasoning - 1-2tsp
Pepper powder - 1tsp
Chilli flakes - 1-2tsp
Salt - As needed 
Veggies of your choice for Topping


1.  Pre-heat oven to 180C. Wash & cut the Cauliflower into big pieces and run it in a Food processor just for about 30secs to make fine grains.

2.  In a bowl, combine the Cauliflower grains, cheese, Isabgol, seasoning, pepper powder and salt. It will just be crumbly only, as though its not binded enough. But, just proceed with the next step. Cheese and Isabgol both helps in binding while getting baked.

3.  Line a Pizza pan/baking tray with Parchment paper. Shape the mixture into 3/4cm thickness round. Just go around and press with your palm.

4.  Bake for around 12-15mins until slightly browned all over evenly. DO NO OVERDO. 

5.  Take out from the oven, spread the Homemade Pizza sauce, layer your desired veggies and cheese and bake for another 5mins until the Cheese melts. 

Voila! Exotic, Low-carb, Diet-friendly Pizza is ready! What more one could ask for! Try and you will be doing a Happy dance like me. 

PS : This time, I think I had overdone the first round of baking, which resulted in too much browning of the Crust. Please take care while you do.


  1. Wow! Adding isabgol to the cauliflower crust is brilliant. This pizza sounds just as tempting as the regular pizza. Bookmarked..

  2. cauliflower crust pizza looks delicious and mouth watering. clicks are beautiful. I too made it once and loved it.

  3. Cauliflower crust pizza is in my to do list, and now you are tempting me to make this pizza soon. Drooling here already.

  4. I am yet to try the cauliflower crust. I have been seeing so many posts but still not confident enough if it will be liked by my family. I am in love with the recipe, so guess I just need to gather my courage and give it a try.

  5. That cauliflower pizza crust looks amazing -- so crispy and delicious.

  6. Would love to know about your journey... :) The cauliflower crust pizza has been on my to do since long, but I haven't been able to do it... looks so good!

  7. Yes, read a lot about cauliflower rice last year and want to try it. And cauliflower pizza crust is great alternative to regular flour based crusts. Good one.

  8. Nice to read about your weight loss , do share your latest pic and details..and this caulifulower pizza rocks!

  9. So crispy and tasty looking guilt free cauliflower pizza.